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What We Offer
Besides our house wines we keep an expanded inventory of other delightful wines from all over the world. Other options to wine are our tasty wine slushees that change flavors every so often to keep it interesting. Iron Depot offers domestic, local and specialty beers, (including gluten-free ) and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Snack Options
Wine pairs well with cheese so we offer a meat-cheese-cracker plate as well as pizzas and soft pretzels.

More Than Just Wine
Everything you see is for sale. We custom build our tables, chairs, benches. Other items we carry  include; unique collectibles, hoodies, short and long sleeved tees, glassware, jewelry, pottery, crafts and original art pieces of all kinds. Michael also hand makes historical pieces for toy soldier dioramas. There is just something here for everyone!

Event Space
Use Iron Depot Winery for your next shower, party, or meeting. Contact us to find out details of how we can tailor your life events.

Iron Depot Winery are located at 5000 7th Ave., Kenosha, WI across from The Boathouse, Marina Gardens, and the Apothecary shop. Come and view Lake Michigan from our window and Café seating.